Prescriptive Grazing

Prescriptive GrazingPrescriptive grazing is the controlled harvest of vegetation with browsing or grazing animals. It is planned and managed grazing with the intent to achieve specific goals on the land.

Unlike grazing in the past, which often resulted in the deterioration of pastures, the main objective is to enhance the land and not solely to feed a herd.

Livestock grazing has been rediscovered and is used as an effective tool to address vegetation management challenges, like invasive exotic weeds and reducing wild fire risk in wildland and urban interfaces. It is a great chemical free way to control weeds in riparian and organic agriculture areas.

Goat grazing is a natural tool for management of vegetation, wildlife habitat & pasture improvement, as well as wild fire fuels reduction. Over 97% of seeds ingested by a goat are inert when passed. Depending on the size and location of a project the goats move through the property being directed by a herder, usually on horseback -- though sometimes on foot, and herding dogs. If predators are a potential problem we also have livestock guardian dogs along to protect the goats. The goats return nightly to a fenced holding pen.

For smaller jobs we have trained the goats to electric net fencing powered by solar chargers. The goats are very specifically directed to where we want them to graze.