Fall River Leafy Spurge Project

Prescriptive Goat Grazing
Biologicals, & Specific Herbicide

Fall River ~ Ashton, Idaho
This riparian property on both sides of the Fall River outside of Ashton, Idaho combines biologicals, goat grazing and specific spray programs to impact and substantially diminish leafy spurge. Results have been significant and sustainable with on-going goat grazing and a healthy colony of biologicals. Pasture regained for the horses was substantial.

Study of Biologicals on Leafy Spurge

Fall River ~ Ashton, Idaho
BYU-I Agricultural Science Department 
Mapped by GPS, this patch of ground has been measured & counted for leafy spurge, biologicals from the other side of the river introduced, and on-going monitoring for this noxious weed will continue through 2016. 

Rattlesnake Canyon

Ashton Reservoir ~ Henry's Fork River ~ Ashton, Idaho 
Target leafy spurge with goat grazing and biologicals as well as specific herbicide. The landowner was diligent with spray previously but could not get ahead of the spurge infestation with spray alone. Project also includes mapping.

Trouthunter ~ Henry's Fork Foundation

Island Park, Idaho
Goat grazing
 and biologicals for knapweed and other noxious weeds in this sensitive riparian property.

Urban Interface

Ashton, Idaho